breaking and creating telepathic relationships

telepathic relationships

> How do I break telepathic links? My current method is to
> visualizing the person on a screen and ‘shatter’ the
> screen like it were made of glass (absent from any emotion,
> of course), as suggested by a book, i forgot which one…
> But it kind of doesn’t work… I have tried visualizing the link
> as an energy tube disintegrating… but its either too slow,
> or I’m too lazy.

From my perspective, visualizations to protect yourself are by far the best remedy, but often the least effective. This is because, building a strong light body or shield of light, takes years of work. You can’t start the work on your fortress after the enemy has entered your space. The reason I say shields are best, is because they are the least invasive.

Here’s a little more invasive technique I’ve used with much success. When someone is harassing me telepathically, each time they disturb me, I visualize a whirlwind of light spinning around their head, In this way, I sour the milk. If their efforts to reach out to me, become uncomfortable for them, they quickly give up and move on to easier prey.

Another really effective technique, which is very easy to do, which is also the MOST invasive, is to assign a small insignificant material object to them. Then each time they reach out to you, in that creepy way, you simply direct their energy into the material object. In fact, it doesn’t take long before they themselves can’t tell the difference between you and the material object, at which point, this whole reflection-redirection process becomes automatic.

Then you simply move the object farther and further away from you, until the telepathic link is no longer noticeable, and then the the object ends up in the trash. OR… if that person is someone you’re likely to see again, where they would be inclined to re-establish the link, then it’s more effective to put the object outside somewhere, or in the worst case, burying it

> Maybe, it is I who has the tendency to linger in others
> minds? Let’s just assume, that this is the case… if so,
> then I would need to learn how to hang up the phone
> politely, somehow…?

The difference between the telepaths and non-telepaths is NOT that one has the ability and the other doesn’t. Most of the people I meet in my daily life aren’t telepathic. No. I see both the telepaths and the non-telepaths as having equally active telepathic lives and relationships. What distinguishes us, as telepaths, is that we, unlike most people, are conscious of the telepathic interaction. This allows us to make conscious decisions that can influence or determine an outcome of the situation.

The gift is being telepathic is NOT THE DEGREE of ones telepathic ability, but rather JUST YOUR AWARENESS OF telelepathic conversations and interactions. Each person’s DEGREE OF TELEPATHY IS DETERMINED solely by the amount of sexual-magnetic-light energy they have learned to comfortably carry. All successful people, have very rich and fulfilling telepathic relationships. Most without ever being conscious of each conversation and interaction. They can do this unconsciously and successfully because at some point in their life, either in their childhood or later as an adult, they learned a set of good mental habits.

What we call being telepathic is just being conscious of the wireless interaction of human emotions. We are all transmitters and receivers. But the telepath, being aware of all the conversations and plays going on, carries this awareness as an additional burden. But of course, the rewards are great for those who learn to manage this extra stream of information. This is done by developing one or more sets of some good mental habits. These sets can be discussed and experimented with just like recipes.

So… “how does one hang up the phone politely?”

If it is YOU that is instigating the connection then you must face up to the question: is it love or hate? For it is most assuredly one of the other. If it is hate, the you must simply turn you head away, for this is something that will only bring you pain. If it it love or any positive feeling of appreciation, then no one will mind. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be recognized. Everyone wants to be appreciated. If not verbally then at least in heart. That’s how we function.

So… taking that notion one step further. Lets say you are madly in love with someone, and you want to turn that feeling off. The quickest cure I know of, is to simply find someone new to love, even if it is a few short lived relationships, that you know will not last. Nothing breaks telepathic links quicker than sex. Everything else takes time. The disruption caused by sex is instantaneous.

But what if you don’t want to have sex? What if you like having lots telepathic relationships? That’s where the good mental habits come in. And too be honest, it really doesn’t take many. Kundalini, Raja, and Karma yoga are all very good for clearing mental garbage and building good habits. You can do very well with just four. These are the most basic ones that everyone must learn. 1- Self observation, 2- turning away from hate, 3- learning to live in the moment, 4- and becoming aware of whether or not your interaction with someone left them better or worse off.


One Response to breaking and creating telepathic relationships

  1. stephanie bower says:

    What if mental telepathy is being used against you to harm you? How do you stop a low-minded psychic from abusing you? This has been going on for almost 3 years. Help, I can’t take much more of this. He says he “wants to split my mind apart’.

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